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I’m not sure if this is funny or sad..#epl #yeg #edmonton #library #books (at Edmonton Public Library - Stanley Milner Branch)


Someone stole my bike out of my yard in forest heights/capilano/east edmonton on July 7th. Its an XS Rocky Mountain Metropolis, still pretty new looking, it might have a velcro strap on the top bar for holding my cane.
I’ll give a reward if it turns up, they stole my back up bike too and I really hadn’t intended on bussing this whole summer. Share this where ever you can. I just want my bike back.

“A little super 8mm movie of the south side of Jasper Avenue from around 107th Street to 100th Street I shot in early 1978” (Bryan Hardy)


Mural on the side of an old garage by Paula Cornell


choice quote:

“Ryan: It looks corny now. No one is looking at Edmonton’s lit-up bridge and thinking, “damn, now there’s a city that’s world class.” It’s more like we’re the little brother who just got neon crayons and is now drawing all over our Spongebob colouring books with them.”

Rejected Alberta License Plate Ideas Rejected Alberta License Plate Ideas Rejected Alberta License Plate Ideas Rejected Alberta License Plate Ideas
Cromdale Hotel, Edmonton, 1950s and demolition in 2012. Cromdale Hotel, Edmonton, 1950s and demolition in 2012.

Cromdale Hotel, Edmonton, 1950s and demolition in 2012.


Looks like there is an effort underway to keep the existing license plate design.